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Stephen Craig

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I'm glad to see you made it in out of the storm! Its kind of tough the way you can get blown all over the web like that sometimes. But rest here a while and we will see if we can't put a different perspective on Life, the Universe and Everything.

And don't worry, you won't have to stick your head out the door every few minutes and get your hair all wet again just to see if the storm has passed. We have machines to do that for us now! If you're in Kingston area just click here to get a local weather forecast. For my friends in Ottawa this is your forecast. For those wider afield use this link. If you want the big picture here is The Environment Canada Satellite Images Page. Or you could try this continental weather image.  Or you could try this NOAA Geos Image Viewer For the really big picture you can take a look at the Earthviewer. Or the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera To find the rain try The Environment Canada Radar page.
And here are Sunrise and Sunset times. and Moonrise and Moonset times.

For those who are commuting by Kingston city bus here's the Kingston Bus schedules and in Ottawa OCTranspo Transit Schedule
This will let you see what it's like in downtown Ottawa and Kingston right now

I've put my genealogy data online. You can explore on Rootsweb. Or Or

I do all my genealogy work on these days. If you are a family member I can give you an invitation to my family tree on Ancestry. There is a wealth of information there. I have eighty eight thousand names in my database! Come and explore anytime!

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